TSSSF Core Game Special LunarShine Edition

  • $ 49.99

It's back! The most (in)famous card game in the fandom, complements of Horrible People Games!

TS is the world's most prolific (and horrific) fanfic author. She ships herself, her friends and her family together, regardless of relation, orientation, or harmonious mane and coat color combination!

In order to help fulfill TS's dream of writing the perfect fanfics, you must take turns expanding the shipping grid and joining new Ponies with Ship cards.

If you are the first to make one of TS's narrative goals a reality, you earn the points for that goal! Of course, you also earn shame for enabling TS' horrible penchant for shipping her friends, but nobody's perfect.

This is the special LunarShine edition, which includes 15 extra cards featuring the characters from Ask Night Stitch!


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