Buck: Legacy Card Game

  • $ 39.99

Buck: Legacy is a card based Dungeon Crawling RPG where players create their character from 3 pony races and 10 adventurer classes. Gameplay revolves around fighting monsters and earning gold pieces to purchase equipment to add to their inventory.

Players can be freely co-operative or competitive. Players aim to win by collecting the most medals, which are awarded for fighting monsters, traveling distance and defeating bosses.

The Core Set contains 168 cards, a rulebook, sleeves, a marker, and a special token, everything you need for the game in a box with room to expand and hold all expansions.

Each expansion is unique and contains new races and classes for you to enjoy!

Like Clockwork is steampunk and Gauss themed and features 14 cards. 

Dark Ambition is a Dark/Evil themed expansion that introduces the Deer race.

Here be Dragons introduces the new class: Knight and is Dragons and Quests themed.

Beyond Loria introduces a new class: Mesmer and is themed with New Discoveries.

Loose Cannon introduces a new class: Pirate and has a pirate theme.

Playing with Fire introduces a new race: Nagapon and is fire themed.

Cold Snap introduces a new race: Gryphons and is ice themed.

Act of War introduces the new class: Trader and is war and Nagapone themed.

Produced by Urban Meadows:

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